100 Days Smarter {with Freebies!}

I can't believe how quickly the 100th Day is approaching!  Here are a few cute ideas {and Freebies!}for you to help you celebrate the day with your kiddos....while learning too! 
Checkout this cuteness in her hat & holding her gumball machine!
We used bingo dabbers to stamp 100 gumballs into the gumball machine.  I've also used circle stickers in the past, which adds a fine motor bonus!  Click the picture to grab a freebie!
Here's another freebie for you.  I've made it in color and in black & white.  I use the color one laminated and we do it together, then I give them the black & white sheet to color, cut out and glue back together by counting by 10s.  Click the picture to grab the freebies!
We make a hat to wear also.  I usually print out the black & white version and let them color it.  We then cut it out and attach it to a sentence strip to make a hat. 
Happy 100th Day!

Valentine Bubbles {Freebie!}

Want a cute Valentine to give the kiddos that isn't candy?  Bubbles!  I got bubbles from the Dollar Store (packs of 3 for $1.00), put them in cute heart bags, tied a bow and attached the tag.  Easy, fun, and NOT candy!  Plus, who doesn't like bubbles!
Click the picture to grab your own set of tags for FREE! 
Don't worry...I made them generic for you and took off my daughter's name!