F is for Fire Safety

Fire Safety is so important for the kiddos to learn about.  It was also so much fun to learn.  It's been one of their favorite themes so far!  Here's a look at our letter F and Fire Safety activities that we did in our class.

This is our lowercase f craft.  f is for flamingo.  We used hot pink paint to make handprint feathers.

Our uppercase F craft was F is for Frog.  We made the tongue out of red yarn and this was the most challenging (but great fine motor practice) for the kiddos.  I made a squiggle line of glue and they had to follow my line to lay the yarn on top.

A very colorful interpretation of a Firefighter hat! 

This is ABC uppercase and lowercase letter matching with the uppercase firefighters putting out the lowercase letter fires.  The kiddos liked this activity because they were "putting out fires" each time they made a match!

Roll and graph activities are one of my students' favorite activities, so we do them pretty frequently.  I like to do them during our circle time.  I like to use it to not only teach math skills, but also to teach sharing and turn-taking skills.  You could also do this in a small group setting.

This is our positional words fire truck.  You can use it one of two ways:  You move the hose into different places and have the students identify it's position (under, over, next to, behind, etc.) or you tell them the positional directions and they have to correctly place the hose.  Tricky concept for the little learners, but I feel that this activity really helped them grasp it a little better.  Of course, we'll also do more practice throughout the year!

Another activity that we did was patterning.  To teach patterning to my little learners, I usually say the pattern in a different tone of voice for each part of the pattern and they join with me in saying it.  I have found that that helps them understand and predict the next sequence in the pattern a little better.  I have a bears patterning freebie you can grab in my letter B post.

If you've followed my blog, or read any of my posts, you'll know that I LOVE to do poetry each week.  This week was a cute firefighter poem with a handprint that turned into firefighters doing their job!  (Stay tuned to my blog for a complete poetry post....coming soon!)

Here's one of my cuties making her shape fire truck.

Here's the finished product!  I think she did a great job!
If you like the activities shown here, you can get your copy of the Fire Safety Unit by clicking any of the pictures.  It will take you to my Teachers Pay Teachers Store, The Teaching Zoo!
Have a great day!

Letter of the Week - E

I'm behind on posts...SORRY!!  I have letters e, f and g to post for you!!  Looks like I'll be busy the next few days!  Here are some of the activities we did for the letter Ee.  I hope you can find them useful in your classroom or homeschool!  There are links in the post for you to either download freebies or purchase an activity. 
Here's our lowercase letter e craft.  We made "e is for eagle".  I think next time I would like to add brown handprint "feathers" to give it a little something extra special. 

Our uppercase letter E this week was "E is for Elephant"  We used a pipe cleaner/chenille stem for the tusks.  We curved it and the students glued them on, so that they stick up a little for a 3-D effect.

We do these uppercase/lowercase letter sorts weekly for each letter.  I usually do it on the first day of the week when I introduce the letter.  You can see the full pack by clicking the picture.  I also follow up this whole group activity with individual letter sorts later in the day, during our small group time, in our ABC Interactive Notebook.  You can read that post by clicking the title or here.

One of the books we read this week was Elmer.  I love that story!  It teaches you to be who you are and that everyone is special.  We followed up by making an Elmer. 
We cut up tissue paper and laid it on top of the elephant printout.  They the kiddos sprayed water on top of the tissue paper.  We let it dry over night and then the tissue paper just falls off and leaves behind a beautiful and unique colorful design.  We then did a writing activity to go along with it.  You can get the free printables for the Elmer activity by clicking the picture.
Playdough letters is another activity that I do each week with my students.  Of course they love using playdough and they think they are just playing, when in reality it is a great way to build fine motor skills and letter recognition through play!
Usually on Fridays, after my kiddos have learned all about our letter for the week, we make our crowns.  Here's one of my students coloring his crown.  Each crown has three pictures that begin with that letter, in this case the letter Ee.  Then they cut it out and I staple it to a sentence strip and then fit it to each child's head.  They are so proud to wear their crowns each week!

Letter of the Week - D

This was another fun week in paradise!  Seriously...I LOVE MY JOB!  Getting to plan all of these fun and exciting activities really makes me happy!  We learned all about the letter D this week.  We also learned about pets as an extension of "d is for dog".  The best part was of course our Paws & Claws Pet Vet Clinic!  There will be a whole other post about that coming soon!
You can click the pictures or highlighted words in the post to be able to purchase the items or download the freebies.
The 5 Little Ducks poem/song/fingerplay (whatever you want to call it!) was one that we enjoyed singing over and over this week.  It was fun being able to swap out the numbers and move the duckies in and out on the board. 

I extended the fun my kiddos had this week into their poetry notebooks that go home every Friday.  They loved having their own duckies to do the poem movements with.  Great for introducing basic subtraction too!!

This is our "Give a Dog a Bone" alphabet matching game.  It was fun for the kiddos to try to find the uppercase letter dog who matched his lowercase letter bone!  They wanted to play this again and again!  I love when they love learning!

Here's our craft for uppercase D this week:  D is for Dog.  The kiddos loved putting on the spots!  Each student placed their spots differently and I love how they each looked so unique!

This is our lowercase d craft: d is for duck.  The feathers were fun and we cut the beak so that it has a fold and opens up!

The sensory bin this week was dinosaurs!  I'm a huge sensory bin fanatic!  I love to change them every 1-2 weeks so that it's fresh and exciting for the students to explore!

We counted using real dog bones!  Then we glued them on a dog bone shaped piece of construction paper and wrote how many bones we counted.

This of course was the highlight of our week! 
The Paws & Claws Dramatic Play Veterinary Office Center.  One word - LOVE!

We graphed our favorite pets this week too.  I try to create different things to graph every 1-2 weeks too.  It's an important skill to learn and I like to make it fun for my students too! 
Click the pic for the freebie!  The graphics were from Charlotte's Clips.