Candy Corn Fun!

It's fall!  Candy Corn is one of those things that reminds me of this time of year.  Here is a cute little candy corn craft that I made with my students.  It's not only cute, but it also uses those fine motor skills!

Here's what it looks like when it is all finished.  Cute, huh?

To make it, you will need BLACK construction paper cut into the shape of a candy corn.  Here's a tracer freebie for you! 

You will also need:
-Paint (Yellow, Orange & White)
-Cotton Balls
-Clothes Pins

Here's our "work in progress".  Pinch the clothes pins and put the cotton balls in.  Have your students apply some paint to the cotton balls and dab it onto the construction paper.  I used pencil to make the lines of where they should try to stop with each color. 
I hope your students enjoy this project!  Happy Fall Y'all!!

Letter H

It was a very busy week and I was NOT good about remembering to take pics of all the fun things we did...but here's a few that I did take. 
Of course we did our Hh letter coloring page, which I've updated the pack now and it includes color posters for each letter, b/w pages to color for each letter (like in the pic below) AND it includes pages that have pics for the letter and other sounds for students to identify which ones begin with that letter.

Here's our uppercase H craft this week.  H is for HOUSE.  Each child's house came out unique and that's what I love the best!
Our lowercase letter h craft this week was h is for horse.  It's hard to tell, but we used yarn for the mane.  I think it would have been cute on the tail too, but I thought of it too late!


I'm so excited to announce my new series of activity packs that are designed to teach your child and/or students to learn to read.  They are called Learn2Read and Read2Learn.  The theory behind this is that first, a child learns to read.  When they have learned to read, they then will be able to read to learn. Learn2Read is designed to teach necessary phonics and word building skills to help your child and/or students learn to read and feel successful while doing it!  Read2Learn will be designed to increase reading comprehension as well as reading for knowledge on particular subjects. 

One of the activity packs in my Learn2Read series are these Phonics Puzzles.  Once your students are able to identify the letters and are beginning to recognize the sounds that each letter makes, these puzzles will be a great tool for helping them feel confident while learning to read.  Puzzles are a fun way to help children learn to read because puzzles are also a form of play.  The pictures on the puzzles help beginning readers and/or strugglers to identify what the word might be.
I hope you'll find these puzzles to be a valuable resource in helping your students learn how to read and feel successful while doing it!  You can click any of the pictures to be able to buy the puzzles.

Fun On the Farm!

Time for some fun on the farm!  Here's a peek at our farm fun and my new Farm Learning Pack!
Here's our cute Chicken Lifecycles!  We discussed that a chicken starts out as an egg in a nest.  The nest we made from paper shreds from the Dollar Store!  If you click the picture you can get a freebie to help you make this cute craftivity! 

We also talked about the crops on a farm...such as corn.  Then the students got to paint with corn on the cob!  I had yellow and brown paint on plates and let the children use both to paint on a yellow piece of construction paper.  It was messy, but tons of fun! 

When the construction paper dried, we cut them to look like corn on the cob and attached them to green "stalks" of construction paper.  We decorated our classroom with them!  I must say that it looked adorable!
We also made sheep our of paper plates.  The students got to use cotton balls to make the puffy sheep's wool.  We used black construction paper for the head and legs and added google eyes.  Didn't they come out cute!

 The kiddos had tons of fun with the Little People farm too!  
I wish I would have taken more pics of the fun things that we did!  But hopefully these ideas spark some interest in you to do a farm unit in your classroom!
Here's my new farm learning pack that I used to teach my kiddos.  There's word wall cards, a super fun abc identification game, graphing activities, emergent readers, counting, puzzles, phonics, labeling, graphic organizers, syllables, size sorting, and SO much more!  You can click the pic to go to my TpT store to get it!  It's packed with 153 pages of learning fun!
To help you with your planning, I've added products that I used for my unit.  They're available through Amazon (affiliate):

Bionic Teacher!
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Check them out and support a great cause...the Bionic Teacher!

Bunny Bags!

Need a cute craft for the kiddos to collect their eggs?  We made bunny bags in our class.  They're great for collecting Spring Eggs! 

How cute are they!  Here's what you'll need:
-White Paper Bags
-White Construction Paper
-Google Eyes
-Colorful Pom Poms
-Colored Pencils

Click here to get the bunny Ears Pattern. {freebie!}

For your convenience, I've added the supplies that I used via Amazon (affiliate):

Dramatic Play Pet Vet's Office

The Pet Vet Office that I made for my kiddos has been hands-down one of their ALL.TIME.FAVORITE Dramatic Play centers.  They just couldn't get enough!  I took tons of pictures, so here's a little peek into our Veterinarian's Office...
Here's the set up on the bulletin board.  :)
How cute is Dr. Jessie!  I used a Doc McStuffins lab coat as the vet's coat.  Each day a different  student took turns wearing it.  They got to wear their name tags everyday though.
Here's the forms for the pet owner to fill out about why the pet is visiting the vet.
This is the waiting room...complete with magazines on the table!
Can't forget treats for the pets!
Here's the vet's station.  Inside the drawers are doctor tools, vet exam forms, a leash and collar.
Here's where we hung our open/closed sign.
Last, but not least, the diagrams of different parts of animals for reference. 

For your convenience, I've added links to the product in my TpT store on each of the pictures, and below are links to Amazon (affiliate) to the items I used in my center.  :)

Happy Birthday, Dr. Seuss!

Tomorrow is Dr. Seuss' Birthday!  To celebrate, our school always does a parade for Pre-K through 1st grade and the rest of the school watches us parade through the halls.  It's so much fun!  In my classroom, I probably own almost every Dr. Seuss book ever written, so we read a TON of his books and do fun activities to go along with.  I hope you can use some of these ideas with your kiddos!

How cute is this fish bowl!!!  I stamped their hands with paint and used just their fingers for the "2 fish".  I actually punched holes in it and let them wear it as a necklace during the parade.  It was super cute!

Here was our treat!  It was green ham!  LOL!  I just used vanilla pudding with green food coloring for the "egg white" and a Nilla Wafer for the "yolk".  Yum!

How cute are our thing hats!  Each hat has a different "Thing #".  They got to choose which number they wanted to be.  I painted both hands at the same time:  One red and one white w/ blue fingers and had them stamp their hands down on the yellow paper.  When they dried we glued on their wiggle eyes and Thing Numbers.  We used glitter glue for the mouths.  Then we attached them to a sentence strip and added funky blue "hair" out of about 1 inch thick construction paper.

I hope you can use some of these ideas to have fun with your students!  I LOVE Dr. Seuss Day!

Teachers Are HEROES!
To celebrate teachers and how each and every single one of us is a SUPERHERO, TpT is having a HUGE SALE!  You can get 28% off of everything in my store!!
Thank you for all that you do!!

Valentine Bubbles {Freebie!}

Want a cute Valentine to give the kiddos that isn't candy?  Bubbles!  I got bubbles from the Dollar Store (packs of 3 for $1.00), put them in cute heart bags, tied a bow and attached the tag.  Easy, fun, and NOT candy!  Plus, who doesn't like bubbles!
Click the picture to grab your own set of tags for FREE! 
Don't worry...I made them generic for you and took off my daughter's name!