Sight Word Freebies

I want to give a BIG Thank You to my followers on my blog and on TpT!  I've reached over 1500 followers in my Teachers Pay Teachers store!  WOW!  I've created these two sight word flashcard packs just to say THANK YOU!  I hope you find them useful!  Click the pics to download your copy.

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Valentine's Day Craft

Here's a fun Valentine Card Holder craft for you.  It's easy to make and adorable!  Here's what you'll need:

- 2 thin (cheap) paper plates
- yarn
- paint
- stickers


1.  Lay 2 plates together as they come.  Cut the top off in the shape the top of a heart. 
2.  Have students paint them in the color of their choice.  
3.  When it's dry, flip one plate the other direction and staple them together around the edges (except the top)
4.  Punch one hole in each side and attach the yarn.  
5.  Have students decorate with stickers.  I only had them put a sticker with their initial, but you could have them spell out their name or write it in glitter glue!