Valentine's Day Craft

Here's a fun Valentine Card Holder craft for you.  It's easy to make and adorable!  Here's what you'll need:

- 2 thin (cheap) paper plates
- yarn
- paint
- stickers


1.  Lay 2 plates together as they come.  Cut the top off in the shape the top of a heart. 
2.  Have students paint them in the color of their choice.  
3.  When it's dry, flip one plate the other direction and staple them together around the edges (except the top)
4.  Punch one hole in each side and attach the yarn.  
5.  Have students decorate with stickers.  I only had them put a sticker with their initial, but you could have them spell out their name or write it in glitter glue!

Throwback Thursday

Today is Throwback Thursday!  Today's #1.00 deal is my Grocery Store Dramatic Play Pack.  It was the first dramatic play set that I created, 2 years ago!  It is regularly priced at $4.00, but today you can grab it for just $1.00!!  Click the picture or visit my store to buy it.

Daily Summer Fun!

Welcome Summer!  It's time for some daily summer fun!  The action starts today with this Free Homework Pass Pack!  Stay tuned each day to join in on the fun!!

1200 Follower Celebration!

It's time for a celebration!  I've reached 1,200 followers in my Teachers Pay Teachers store and I'd like to say Thank YOU!!  Each day this week, for 5 days, I will be doing something special to say thank you!  There will be sales, freebies, and a giveaway!  Here's how it will go:

I hope you enjoy the celebration!

5 Little Pumpkins
Just a cute little freebie for you today!  It's a cute little treat bag topper that I use for giving my students a fun October treat and that I make for my own kiddos to give the friends in their classes.  I used snack size baggies to put the pumpkins in.  You can click the image to download the freebie!   Happy Fall!!

SWAG! Tags

I'm excited to show you my new SWAG Tags!!!  SWAG Tags are a fun, cost effective, motivational tool for your classroom.  Students LOVE earning these tags!  They earn SWAG tags for different reasons, such as turning in all of their homework, having perfect attendance, being a good role model, etc.  They can also be given fun tags for different holidays, careers, etc.  I've made tons of different SWAG tags for whatever your needs may be!  If you feel like you NEED them all...there's a GROWING BUNDLE too!!  Give your students SWAG for doing great things!
**A post of how to set-up SWAG tags is coming soon!  :)

O-FISH-ALLY in School!

I hope everyone had an AMAZING rest of the summer!  Back to school time now!  I had Meet & Greet with my students and made these cute goldfish bags to welcome them to Preschool!  I made them to match my new Carnival Theme coming soon!  You can click this picture to get your free copy of the tags!  I've included Preschool to 2nd grade!  Enjoy!